Insight, reflection, and action,

guided by compassion

The experience of Love Beyond Belief is the actual experience of feeling connected to all of life at once: feeling awe, wonder, and love of life itself. The access point to this state of consciousness isn’t thinking; it’s feeling. In this interior domain of human experience, one feels enlivening compassion, care, love, and resonance with all of life. Accounts of this inner life of the self become stories about triggered emotional values (affects).

Love Beyond Belief, Inc. develops Love Beyond Belief™ programs for religious and secular (i.e., spiritual but not religiously affiliated) congregations to help them revitalize themselves and, in time, the nation. 

Our goal is to create a network of Love Beyond Belief™ communities that work with other religious, social service, eco-justice, social justice and racial justice organizations for the common good. 

We produce resource materials and texts that support Love Beyond Belief™ communities.

Board of Directors

Thandeka, President

Marlin Lavanhar, Vice President of Congregational Life

Constance L. Grant, Vice President of Program Development

D’mitri Sobol, Vice President of Communications

Richard Sweeney, Vice President of Finance

Love Beyond Belief: Finding the Access Point to Spiritual Awareness

A book by Rev. Dr. Thandeka

"In a work that vibrates with the cosmic consciousness it advocates, Thandeka at last lays the theological groundwork for a spiritual but not religious future. This affect theorist avant la lettre unfolds a musically cadenced argument, historically nuanced and insistently engaging, deeply personal and communally practicable, for a magnificent possibility."

Catherine Keller, author of Political Theology of the Earth

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